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Handy DJ Software

Scratch is a free multimedia software created by AnalogX. The software is designed for mixing audio with the digital version of vinyl records. Users can perform DJ mixing even they lack any physical turntables or mixing instruments.

Opportunity For Remixing

Scratch is made for users who don’t have any collection of DJ vinyl records and turntables like the Technics SL-1200 for scratching. It only requires mouse controls to perform scratching just like an actual DJ. This is very ideal for those who are learning how to become a DJ, as well as practice before any gig. The advantage of using this software is that there is no need to purchase any physical DJ instruments, along with avoiding damaging any vinyl records for the sake of making impressive scratches. Even professional DJs can use the software to prevent their instruments from wearing out and practicing instead on a digital medium.

Mixing and Scratching Capabilities

The software is capable of loading up to two Mono audio files simultaneously. It only requires sounds in WAV format in order to play both of them. One tune is for following the rhythm while the other tune will be utilized for the scratching. The mixing process works like an actual turntable. First, the waveform data is displayed at the top. Users can “grab” onto the sample via left mouse click. This stops the waveform and they can drag the mouse left and right to change the playback position. It produces unique cuts that are similar in real-life scratching. There are two sample WAV files included in the software to get used with the tools and features. Users can adjust the Turntable speed and Hand speed. Turntable speed is for the adjustment of duration the sample will return to its original speed. The Hand speed is for tweaking the hand movement on the record, along with the distance users moving the waveform. The other audio controls available are basic volume and speed options. The software can produce WAV samples with 16-bit, 44.1k size. Users simply enable the recording which is accessible under the speed settings, and they can start or stop the recording if necessary. Having this kind of WAV file is ideal for custom scratches, as well as transferring them to audio platforms such as Emax and Acid Pro. The software is compatible with Windows OS starting from Windows 95 and above.

Practice Hard, Party Harder

Scratch makes the DJ playing field even by making it very accessible for beginners and users lacking instruments. They can practice, record samples and send them either to other audio software for further enhancements, or right away share it online. Anyone will grasp the idea of scratching even if they lack physical vinyl records and turntables.

Why should DJ's have all the fun scratching records? It just isn't fair, and when people across the globe are being ridiculed and laughed at by their peers just because they don't have some 1200's and a bunch of records; then it's time for the ultimate equalizer - AnalogX Scratch.

With AnalogX Scratch, you can load up two wave files (one to help you keep rhythm, the other to actually scratch), and start scratching away. When you've come up with something you really like, you can output it to a 16bit, 44.1k WAV file. This is great for creating custom scratches for songs, whether you transfer it over to your Emax or load it up in Acid.


  • Perform scratching without any instruments or music hardware
  • Produces WAV files with 16-bit, 44.1k size
  • Supports Windows 95 and above
  • Practice scratching easily


  • Lacks extra audio adjustment options
  • Other audio formats may not work properly
  • Dated appearance
  • Minimal guide available

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Scratch for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.06
  • 3.4
  • (43)
  • Security Status

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